Services – Sports Facilities

Monument Sports provides general liability, property, and excess/umbrella coverages for all types of indoor sports centers, complexes, and facilities, including hard-to-place risks such as air-supported structures (domes and bubbles).

Also see our USIndoor Insurance Program and CWA Insurance Program pages.

Coverages include:

The insurance marketplace and the sports insurance industry, in particular, have changed significantly in the last couple of years. Sports Facilities, Arenas, and Stadiums have seen reduced coverages and unprecedented premium increases, especially air supported structures (domes/bubbles). Despite the adverse market conditions, our clients continue to enjoy coverages that are sports-specific at very competitive rates.

As specialists in the sports insurance market, Monument Sports has developed extensive relationships with numerous insurance carriers and MGAs. We work with these partners to ensure that each client has the proper coverage for its particular operation. If you are struggling to find the right coverage for your sports-related business or are unhappy with your renewal offer, Monument Sports can help.

Our agency has been very successful in finding viable markets and negotiating terms better than most in the industry. The Monument Sports Group’s experience and knowledge in the sports industry differentiates us from other insurance agencies in the market. We help our clients understand and manage their current and future insurance needs.

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